Help Rebuild Nepal From Recent Earthquake

As you all know by now the beautiful country of NEPAL was hit with an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 on 4/25/15 that has ravaged the nation. Lack of infrastructure there has greatly increased the level of difficulty in rescue efforts. Death tolls are over 5000 and rising. Historic landmarks and World heritage sites, (some dating more than 1500 years) were completely destroyed in the process and reduced to piles of rubble. IMMEDIATE needs include medical assistance, search and rescue, food and water and shelters for the now homeless. 

Being away from home at these time is a worse feeling. It has been a rough past few days for every Nepalese. we can only imagine what must have gone through  all the Nepalese back home. No matter where we are in the globe we all Nepalese  shared the same feeling of darkness, uncertainty and despair for past couple of days. Added to these feelings was a feeling of helplessness  for those who are residing abroad. We would like to share a voice for all Nepalese living abroad.

We at Mato urge all of you to please donate as much as you can. People in Nepal need lot of help and support at this time. Every little bit counts. You can donate to bunch of organizations directly. 

Here are few reliable links to donate

whatever the amount be please make sure to donate. Every single penny counts at times like these.



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