Little Mato Muslin Swaddle Natural Breathable Baby Dhaka Cotton Blanket, Large - 3 count

Little Mato Cotton Muslin Swaddle Baby Blanket

Wrap your bundle of joy with our ultra soft, extremely breathable natural 100% handmade cotton muslin blanket. These blankets have breathable cotton lining on both sides of the blanket.This keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

Unique Dhaka patterns

Dhaka is Nepalese pattern fabrics that are hand-loomed by local women using all-natural cotton. Dhaka is woven with thousands of very thin threads, averaging 50 longitudinal threads per inch. The process requires detailed calculations and planning to achieve accurate thread counts and properly executed design elements .The traditional craft of hand-looming Dhaka patterns requires incredible skill and experience.

Why Little Mato Muslin Swaddle?

- Very soft natural and breathable material keeping your baby very comfortable
- Handmade
- Delicate and durable - gets softer after each washing
- lightweight blanket helps to prevent overheating
- Excellent for swaddling
- Great gift idea for baby showers

Get your Little Mato natural swaddle blanket today and happy swaddling :)

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