Mato Naturals Therapeutic Scented Fragrance Ayurvedic Himalayan Herbal Essential Oil Set

  • 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Himalayan Essential Oil - no additives
  • Best Use for Health purpose : Anti-bacterial, anti-spasm, sterilization, aphrodisiac, purification, sedation and used as a supplement.
  • Best Use for skincare: Anti-sensitive skin ,moisture skin, Eliminates dark circles, wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Personal use for: Stabilization ,decompression, sleep, comfort, passion, romance, aphrodisiac, increase self-confidence
  • Contains 1 each of Tranquility Essential oil blend (6 ml), Hangover Essential oil blend (6 ml) & Dream Essential oil blend (6 ml)

Mato 100% Pure Essence Oil

Essence oil have lots of effects in daily use. It can be used for various purpose

Tranquility Essential Oil Blend has been formulated with Ayurvedic herbs to energize, uplift and invigorate. Surrender your tensions with soothing and mind-purifying scents. This oil blend will help to relax, soothe and prepare the body for a restful evening and deep sleep. Ingredients: Perfume/Fragrance Mentha arvensis (Field Mint) Leaf Oil

Dream Essential Oil Blend is especially good for combating the blues and preventing springtime colds.

Hangover essential oils are blended with herb-infused. Ease the morning-after blues with our Hangover oil for purification and mental alertness. This oil blend is used by healers to cure headaches, purify polluted minds, promote mental alertness and concentration, treat nausea, restore strength and courage and ward off evil spirits. Ingredients: Juniperus communis (Juniper) Oil, Ocimum basilicum (Basil) Oil


For health Purpose:

- Anti-bacterial

- Anti-spasm

- Sterilization

- Aphrodisiac

- Purification

- Sedation

- can be used as a supplement

For skin Use:

- Outstanding results for anti-sensitive Skin

- Removes Dry Skin

- Eliminates dark circles

- Eliminates wrinkles & stretch marks

For personal Use:

- Enhances Stabilization

- Reduces decompression

- Enhances Sleep and comfort

- Increase in Passion and romance


Aromatherapy: use aromatic lamp or add a few drops of rose oil in water, the use of incense heats apparatus temperature resulting essential oils escaping to the atmosphere.

Lavender Essence oil has lots of use and purpose. Click " Add to Cart" to order today. Try it to know the difference it can bring to your daily life.

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