10 Best Inexpensive Mato Wooden Sunglasses For This Summer

10 best  inexpensive mato wooden sunglasses for this summer

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Summer has finally arrived with a bang. This is just a beginning of this season of summer, and we already have experienced some tough time. The temperatures are soaring high, and some parts of the world have started blowing with the killing heat. In this cruel season, sunglasses play a very important role not just to provide relief to your eyes but also it protects the eyes from the harmful ultraviolet radiations coming towards the deadly sun.

Most of the people prefers normals plastic made sunglasses in the summer from different brands available in the market after influencing from others. But you might not be aware of the fact that wooden sunglasses are far more better sunglasses to opt than the regular ones for this summer. Lots of research have been done in the past on this topic, and it has been come out that wooden sunglasses are not only effective for the eyes, but they are also eco-friendly in nature.

Now the big question in front of you is that, how could you choose the best summer wooden sunglass for the summers among the number of sunglasses available in the market. You just don't to worry much about this as we bring the list of 10 best and economical wooden sunglasses, which you can buy and wear in this hot summers.

1. Eco-Friendly Wooden Sunglasses

 Eco-Friendly Wooden Sunglasses

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First of all, these sunglasses are made up of 100% natural wood, so you don’t need to worry about the purity of the wood. These Mato Handmade Eco Wooden Sunglasses stay for longer duration without any problem and also very comfortable to wear. Its polarized lenses are specially made to tackle the harmful ultraviolet rays in the summers. The spring hinges of this product are made of stainless steel which makes sure that it comfortably fit. This is quite suitable for both men and women.

2. Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

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Mato Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses are manufactured by using high-end stainless steels hinges along with springs. These are made of natural wood, and the best part is it's extremely lightweight plus waterproof. Each sunglasses is unique as it has various texture of wood.

3. Mirrored Retro Wooden Sunglasses

Mirrored Retro Wooden Sunglasses

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This Mato metal frame sunglasses are a pioneer in the world of wooden sunglasses. Covered by composite frame, these sunglasses are composed of polarized glass lenses with the width of 55 millimeters. They are also called as Zebra wood sunglasses with lightweight acetate. For UV protection, it has material polarized lens. It is both suitable for men and women.

4. Polarized Black Wooden Sunglasses

Polarized Black Wooden Sunglasses

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Mato wooden wayfarer sunglasses are specially handcrafted with sustainable bamboo. Size Frames of these glasses are too light weight. You will get grey polarized lenses with these sunglasses, which is 100% UVA/UVB protection. It is completely water resistant and can float on water. You will also get a complementary mesh glass case.

5. Erika Wooden Sunglasses With Charcoal Lens

Erika Wooden Sunglasses With  Charcoal Lens

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These wooden frame sunglasses are not only attractive in looks but also really tough as it is a handmade product made from original bamboo wood. It comprises of anti-reflective lenses. Polarized lenses are known for providing 100 % protection from ultraviolet rays.

6. Vintage Wooden Hipster Sunglasses

Vintage Wooden Hipster  Sunglasses

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These wooden sunglasses have a retro and post-modern style with composite frame and lenses. It has handmade wooden sunglasses with lightweight and polycarbonate plastic frames. It has a width of 5.7 inches, temple of 5.9 inches and height 1.9 inches. It comes with protective case and a cleaning cloth.

7. Unisex Polarized Sunglasses With Blue Lens

Unisex Polarized  Sunglasses With Brown Lens

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This pair of  Mato Handmade wooden sunglasses is of supreme quality. The spring always hinges compact fold and flexible across the head. These sunglasses has the capacity of blocking 100% UV radiation. This is much lighter in size and allows clear vision. Each pair of this set has its uniqueness due to darker natural wood. It has come with a wooden bamboo box, and there is no harm to your eyes as well as environment.

8. Duwood Aviator Wooden Sunglasses

Duwood Aviator Wooden Sunglasses

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Your eyes will be protected from the harmful UV radiation, and it removes all the glares. This has been made of natural bamboo wood, which is a sustainable source of wood. It can be re-harvested that means it is eco-friendly in nature. Due to the nature of the wood, these sunglasses are fully waterproof and can float in water.

9. Fashion Clubmasters Wooden Sunglasses

Fashion Clubmasters Wooden Sunglasses

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Each pair of sunglasses is extremely unique and lightweight in size. These sunglasses provide crystal clear vision and anti-glare facility with 100% UV protection. You can protect your eyes in heating summers. It also looks stylish on every person. These sunglasses come with a high-quality case, one pouch, and cleaner kit to keep it clean and safe.

10. Vintage Retro Circle Hipster Wooden Sunglasses

Vintage Retro Circle Hipster Wooden Sunglasses

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These eco-friendly wooden sunglasses offers shades that are hand created from bamboo which is fitted with energized focal points that make them the ideal combine for driving. These shades give 100% assurance from harmful UV beams, while as yet looking super in vogue.

Hurry up and grab these wonderful wooden sunglasses for this summers. You will surely mesmerize by using these sunglasses.


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