About Us

Mato comes from a Nepalese word for Mud. Mato Natural is a sustainable lifestyle brand founded with the main goal to make available Eco- friendly products at very affordable prices. We retail and wholesale various natural products in different categories. Since we believe that everything can be made out of sustainable organic and natural raw materials, we decided to create them.

This has made us producers of a wide variety of organic products ranging from everyday use items to fashion and style products such as wooden sunglasses, bamboo wristwatches etc. We at Mato naturals believe in safeguarding the environment for the safety of everyone.

Mato Natural  believes in natural resource management and we show it by using recycled materials in producing our Eco-friendly products.

We are about the health and longevity of life structure . That is what our organically produced Eco-friendly products depict in a complete healthy unpolluted environment that can elongate the life-span of users.

Since, our priority is to create a natural, Eco-friendly environment through a sustainable lifestyle that will benefit both health and wealth; we have made it easy to get these handcrafted organic products by just placing an order while we deliver to your door step.

What defines Mato Naturals is the high quality and careful precision put into every manufactured product with the sole purpose of giving sustainable value, style and elegance while maintaining health of users and their environment.