Summer will soon be upon us!

For me, that means long days spent with good friends under the warm rays of the sun. 
Some of my favorite summer past times are bike rides, pool time, running, and exploring parks and festivals. Really anything outdoors is perfect for me during the summer!
While partaking in all these activities, I want to be stylish but also protect my eyes from the harmful sun rays. Mato's polarized wooden sunglasses  takes care of both of those in one!
They have so many different frames to choose from that work for a range of face sizes and types. It's really hard to choose a favorite but so far I have been wearing the Duwood Fashion wood Clubmasters  every day.
So what sets Mato Naturals  Sunglasses apart from the rest? Two things.
Wooden frames and polarized lenses.
Mato sunglasses are made of 100% natural wood and guaranteed to last over years. The perfect pairing of durability and fashion within a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses!
The polarized lenses mean that your eyes are 100% protected from all the harmful UV rays; UVA, UVB, and UVC. Almost like sunblock for your eyes. While regular sunglasses are simply like wearing a shirt to prevent a sunburn. It might seem like it's enough at the time but you'll regret it later! If you need another reason to like polarized lenses let me tell you that they cut down on glare make squinting obsolete and your reflexes that much faster! It especially comes in handy while driving on those bright, sunny days!
For a limited time, Mato is giving away a FREE bamboo case with every pair of sunglasses you buy AND all there sunglasses are on sale! So zoom over to their sunglasses page and pick your favorite pair (or two!) and get ready to show them off to all your friends!
Let us know how much you like your Mato Naturals Sunnie by posting your #summerready pics on instagram and tagging @matonaturals and @girlmeetslex.

dipesh shrestha
dipesh shrestha


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