The Little Things in Life are the Most Important By Olivia Beaudoin



50% hippy, 30% soldier, 20% yogi I guess you could say that’s me, Olivia Josette Beaudoin. However there is no set equation to who I am, or anyone in that matter, but that’s what excites me about life. I am that frustrating individual who likes to plan absolutely nothing and “go with the flow” I can’t say that doesn’t get me into some trouble… however it opened up so many paths I would have never dreamed of



To start, I’d like to consider myself part hippy. Before I go further I should make it clear that yes I take showers daily and practice good hygiene.. It’s just the word Hippy to me coexists with the lifestyle of FREEDOM. Some people go through life searching for something whether it’s love, or happiness mine is freedom. I don’t really know where this need to be a free spirit began, but I’m sure it’s some unknown childhood trauma. All I know is that this slight obsession to be free has inspired me to explore the world, be open-minded to alternative medicines/remedies and to say yes to as many opportunities that are offered to me.


Second 30% soldier, don’t ask me how I came up with these percentages it’s just how I feel I guess. As I mentioned earlier I am a “doer” aka a “go getter.” If there is something I see that inspires me I have a need to be a part of it, like the Army for instance. I graduated Highschool in 2015 and made some not so proud choices that put me in a state of depression. Not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I mean who does at 18 but the world makes you feel like you have to have it all figured out. As I was just living day to day I met someone at work named Cat. We were both Certified Nursing Assistants around the same age, but the drastic difference between us was the way she carried herself. With such great confidence, and from what I observed she knew where she wanted to go in life, and had so many goals. When I found out she was in the Army National Guard I had a whirlwind of questions to ask her. When I think about it, it took less then a month from the time I found out about the army to the time I was at MEPS signing an eight year contract. Crazy, huh? I feel that sometimes too but I found what I was searching for; purpose and confidence.

Lastly, 20% yogi. I chose 20% because it’s something I am still aspiring to be but practicing each day. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna lays out what it means to be a yogi:

“Fearlessness, purity of heart, perseverance in acquiring wisdom and in practicing yoga, charity, subjugation of the senses, ______ compassion for all creatures, absence of greed, gentleness, modesty, lack of restlessness; Radiance of character, forgiveness, patience, cleanness, freedom from hate, absence of conceit—these qualities are the wealth of a divinely inclined person…(


Peace of the mind, body, and spirit is another ritual for freedom to me, which I think illustrated my love for holistic practices and natural remedies. I am always researching new ways to live a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s alternative medicines like essential oils, or crystals I continue to keep an open mind. Also, full disclosure, I am no yoga expert, but I know the importance of this restorative practice and that awareness has really been a great foundation for me to continue to get my mat out routinely and stretch! I can’t wait to share more yoga tips, and natural remedies (like sound healing!) in more blogs to come.

My journey with MATO begun at the beginning of 2018 when my friend Amanda and I did a photoshoot with MATO’s Erika Ovals hand-made wooden sunglasses. I fell in love with the company instantly because of their mission: MATO believes everything can be made out of sustainable organic and natural raw materials. Their mission still stands honest and strong by using recycled materials and producing eco-friendly products. Plus, the variety of their products is phenomenal. I just wanted to personally congratulate MATO for their grand opening of their first store front at Mall St. Matthews, Louisville, Kentucky. That couldn’t have been an easy mountain to climb and I admire this company’s ambition and so proud to be an advocate as MATO continues to expand. No company has achievements all on their own it’s the community that graciously waters the trees to help them grow!

To close, thank you for taking the time to read my story and your openness to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. The reasoning behind the title, It’s the Little Things in Life that are the Most Important, is because it’s the little things we do to improve our health daily that’s important. Even if it’s just as simple as short walk after dinner, or a slight change in our food choices, in the end those little things add up so let’s explore and give more attention to those little things!


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