The Making of Wooden Sunglasses

The Making of Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses always consider as a perfect way to showcase your sense of style and overall personality. Wooden sunglasses are slowly starting popularizing among the people due to its uniqueness and eco-friendly nature. These wooden sunglasses are also quite inexpensive than the regular high-range plastic sunglasses so that everyone gets the opportunity to wear these glasses. In this post, we will give some simple and valuable tips on how to make your wooden sunglasses at home.

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It is quite easy to make wooden sunglasses, and you don’t need much effort to make these distinct and attractive sunglasses. What you need is dedication and willingness to learn. Follow these below mentioned simple steps, and you can make a great wooden sunglass of your choice. Your friends will surely appreciate your effort.

What you need





Computer-Aided Design Software



Mechanical Pencil

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The procedure of Making Wooden Glasses

1. First of all, you have to utilize the CAD programming to outline the diagrams for your shades of the sunglasses. They should fit the focal points that you have obtained, so your arrangements must be genuinely exact. You can exchange the state of the focal points into the product by following them with a pencil and afterward taking a photo, or by holding them up to your PC screen. The flatter the focal points are, the less demanding it will be to work with them.

2. Now Exchange your CAD plans onto wood with a mechanical pencil. You will require six bits of wood altogether. Four pieces will be utilized for the sanctuaries on either side of the principle outline; two same sorts each will be stuck out to make the left and right temples. Another two same pieces will be attached to shape the casing.

3. Utilize the band saw to slice the wood to the proper measurements. You can likewise utilize an option apparatus, for example, a laser cutter or cut out the pieces by hand. It's best to utilize hardwood like oak or walnut. Once you've completed, utilize the sandpaper to smooth the wood down.

4. Stick the indistinguishable sorts out together. This ought to give you three noteworthy pieces: the left and right temples and the primary edge.

5. Alternatively, you can make a nose piece for the glasses, which will make them more feasible to wear. You can plan and make the nose piece out of wood, much the same as with alternate parts, and sand it down to wipe out any harsh edges. You'll have better outcomes on the off chance that you outline the shape and size of the nose piece to fit your particular nose. Utilize wood paste or epoxy to join the nose piece to the primary edge.

6. Append the left and right temples to the fundamental casing utilizing the hinges. You can get pivots for your shades from an old combine of eyeglasses or shades. You should make a little opening in your temple pieces keeping in mind the end goal to suit the pivots. Put the hinges in these gaps and secure them to the sanctuary pieces utilizing paste. At that point secure the other piece of the hinge to the principle outline.

7. Alternatively, you can complete or recolor the shades with an assortment of materials, contingent upon what sort of look you need to get. Beeswax, olive oil, and mineral oil are only a couple of thoughts of what you can utilize.

Although it looks complicated once you will get familiarize with this process, you will start familiarize with it. You can also experiment with other unique shape and sizes according to your creative minds. This is surely a great start if you love woodworking.

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